Each pair of Slipperlicious is a handcrafted piece of well-being. Slipperlicious are made to your specifications. Each model comes in a choice of nine colours and eleven sizes, with either matching ribbon or tassel depending on model. Please choose your colour & size.

All Slipperlicious are made of pure new wool, handknitted & felted. They have a double knitted sole with anti-slip coating*. More details in 'How to care for your Slipperlicious' (below), and in our 'About us' page.

  • Return policy

    Each Slipperlicious is hand-crafted to your specifications with outmost care and love. Should you be unsure with regards to size, please check the length in centimetres given with each size. We use pure new wool of the highest standard. Slight variations in colour are however, possible, due to different batches. We are confident, that you will be highly satisfied with your Slipperlicious and love their soothing comfort as much as we do.

    Because Slipperlicious are specifically made for you, we cannot accept returns or order cancellations, unless we have made a serious mistake in complying with your order. In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will definitely find a solution that keeps you happy.

  • Shipping

    Your order of up to five pairs will be ready for shipping within 14 days. Should your order exceed the amount of five pairs, please contact us so we can agree on individual delivery terms.

  • Shipping costs

    We ship via Postal services - Österreichische Post AG. All deliveries are covered by insurance.

    Shipping costs within Austria

    €  4.90

    Shipping costs to Germany & Switzerland

    € 14.95

    Shipping costs to EU countries & Monaco

    € 16.00

    Shipping costs to non-EU countries in Europe & countries

    around the Mediterranean

    € 20.50

    USA & Canada

    € 25.20

  • How to care for your Slipperlicious

    Slipperlicious may be hand-washed with detergent for woolens. It is best to slip Slipperlicious on for a moment to restore their form. Let them dry in a cool place.

    *Please be aware, that depending on use, the anti-slip coating may wear off over time. In order to keep you safe, we recommend you renew the anti-slip coating when necessary.  Anti-slip coating is available in our store. It takes merely minutes to apply.

  • Pricing

    Our prices vary according to size.

    Size 25-30     € 40.-

    Size 31-36     € 45.-

    Size 37-40     € 50.-

    Size 41-46     € 55.-

Preis von 40,- bis 55,- abhängig von der Größe
Prices vary from 40,- to 55,- depending on size