Our Story

Even today, the regular clicking of knitting needles reminds our founder of the warmth and comfort she experienced as a child, while her grandmother knitted and told stories. Later, when she moved with her husband, her four children and a variety of pets halfway around the world - knitting always accompanied her. It taught her to take life one stitch/loop at a time, whenever her surroundings seemed to sink in chaos and she once again had to pack her whole household into boxes. She probably did so more often than others pack their pyjamas in an overnight bag. In the Austrian Alps she first encountered knitted-felt and instantly knew. That was it! Slipperlicious® was born.


We love the handcrafts of our Austrian Alps with its rich, unspoiled materials, as much as we love things practical, healthy and comfortable. Which is why we infused the traditions of our ancestors with ideas of young designers. The result?

Luxuriously soothing slippers.

You might ask, what exactly makes Slipperlicious so special?

Being knitted before felted, they softly mould around your feet, providing a barefoot sensation, while its double knitted soles pad each of your steps for a cloud-like feel.

They have no seams, which makes them not just extra comfortable, but extra durable too.

Their soles have an anti-slip coating. Above all – they are made from pure new wool with all its benefits, combining wool’s amazing qualities of keeping your feet warm and dry in winter and cool in summer. No sweating in your Slipperlicious.


Want to know more about Wool?


Wool is a breathable fibre that provides instant warmth unlike synthetic materials. It regulates itself to your individual body temperature and is really warm in winter whilst cool in summer. It dries quickly and is flame-retardant. Naturally anti—allergenic, wool doesn’t collect static which attracts dust and dirt. The scientific reasons for these ‘miraculous’ properties are that, in cold temperatures, wool removes moisture from the skin whilst at the same time its insulating qualities trap dry air and warmth. In warm temperatures, wool’s breathable qualities draw in air which removes excess heat and moisture from the body, helping the wearer’s paws stay cool. To add to that, wool is naturally water-resistant, repelling moisture vapour through its fibres and won’t allow the build-up of body odours. Wool is hard to challenge for its sustainability (sheep are not intensively reared). It is renewable i.e. it quickly grows back. At the end of its life, wool is bio-degradable in soil, releasing important nutrients.